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This property is a four storey, locally listed, semi-detached residence in one of Richmond’s conservation areas. Despite having appropriate square-footage for the needs of a large family, it lacked a continuous flow between its communal living areas. The circulation seemed fragmented and the rooms unpractical. Originally it had conservatory type extensions at the rear of the ground and lower ground floor levels and its overall condition was of relatively poor quality.

Location: Richmond Park, Greater London

Status: Completed

Type: Private residential

Completion date: 2019

Our clients, a young family of four, enjoyed the beautiful setting and the views to the north-east rear garden, but realised early on that the house was not designed to its full potential. They needed a better connection between the relaxing living room of the upper level, the everyday living/kitchen/dining of the lower level and the garden. They wanted to create a contemporary setting of high standards to meet the needs of the modern way of living. This scope and their minimal, design-focused mindset were the driving forces of the design.

The main transformative architectural concept was the replacement of the old conservatory with its contemporary equivalent. A crittal glass extension of the same footprint at both levels, exposing and opening the more communal functions to the outside world. This approach satisfied the planning authorities while achieving the contemporary design goal. Internally the main entertainment areas were reconnected via a new staircase overlooking the beautiful grounds.

The new exposed steel structural elements along with the metal staircase and concrete flooring at the lowest level are placed in juxtaposition with the softer victorian fabric of the original house, celebrating the antithesis of the old and the new. The dark and cool colour swatches of the metal and concrete are balanced with the warm colours of the walnut timber surfaces and the lime plastered walls. The response to the owners love for wine was the creation of a metal wine cage consisted of hundreds steel rods.

This project was designed and completed by Maro Kallimani for Hogarth Architects.

Photography by Emanuelis Stasaitis.