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This property is part of a residential development in Chiswick, consisted of two storey semi detached houses, and benefits from a beautiful rear south facing garden with views to the large trees of the development. The original layout of the house however had not taken into consideration the views nor the warm southern light.

Location: Chiswick, London

Status: In Planning

Type: Private residential extension & full refurbishment

A poorly constructed conservatory was housing a temporary room for the older member of the family, the grandmother who was also the child carer. This room was obstructing the connection of the family room to the garden and was not private. The family wanted to replace this neglected extension and extend even more to allow for an open plan living/dining/kitchen section that was smoothly connected to the gardens whereas creating a private annex for their granny.

The extension is designed as a linear box that is detached from the main brick volume by a slot rooflight. This line of light penetrates the volume in its darkest point and creates a sense of continuity and connection between the rooms. The new annex is not isolated but an embedded element of the synthesis.

The materials used for this extension had to be lightweight and converse with the garden’s materiality. Timber panels clad the lightweight walls on a 45cm pattern that corresponds with the internal timber flooring. Vertical timber shading panels are used in the private part of the extension for advanced privacy and shading from the southern sun.

Granny can now enjoy family life with the rest of her family members but also has the option to withdraw to her quarters for some peaceful and quiet time.

Photography by Emanuelis Stasaitis.