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Our clients approached us with one and only request: to add more light to the northeast facing part of their ground floor level. This is their everyday living/kitchen/dining where they spend most of their time as a family and enjoy their garden view.

Location: East Sheen, London

Status: Under construction

Type: Private residential refurbishment

Their south-east facing wall that is washed with sunlight, is oriented towards the neighbouring houses and has windows to a utility and storage room. Their formal dining room is also facing the side pathway and despite benefiting from the light, it has no visual connection to their rear garden.

Two major changes transform the layout and allow for the needed sunlight penetration. Initially the secondary functions of the utility, cloakroom and storage spaces are moved to the centre of the footprint where natural light is not reaching. This results in the dining room sharing a boundary with the enlarged kitchen/everyday living. Secondly this wall is slotted into vertical windows that filter the sunlight into the kitchen, creating a visual connection between the rooms and allowing direct views from the dining to the garden.

This wall becomes both the dividing and connecting element between the victorian part of the house and the more contemporary kitchen/everyday living room. In order to emphasise its character, it is constructed out of exposed bricks that are bound tilted on the southern axis.