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This is a small penthouse upgrade that is expanding into three levels of a typical London victorian terraced house.

Location: Fullham, London

Status: Completed

Type: Private Residential

Completion date: 2022

The original tight room arrangement was not functional and not corresponding to this young’s family contemporary way of living, so the plans were fully reconfigured. The living room, dining room and kitchen were moved to the top floor where the loft was opened up and extended in height, creating an open space area which benefits from a small terrace to the rear and views of the London skyline.

The bedrooms were kept at lower level, with the main change being the reconfiguration of the master bedroom, in order to include an ensuite bathroom. The curved wardrobe separating the bedroom from the bathroom was designed in a way so that it resembled a free standing structure with a dual purpose. Dividing the space with hidden pocket doors but also visually connecting the two rooms. This element is the wardrobe of the bedroom but also the vanity unit of the bathroom at the back.This joinery element became the focal point and feature of the master suite.

The material palette was kept minimal and light coloured, with white washed oak timber finishes and pastel coloured renders. The only contrast comes from the kitchen joinery that was chosen to be a dark forest green tone. The black metal balustrade and accessories balance the synthesis.

Photographer: Emanuelis Stasaitis