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pied – à – terre

This apartment is situated on a portered development in Pimlico, overlooking beautifully landscaped gardens. Our client, a businessman living in the countryside and working in the city, wanted a place he could use during the busy working week. A “sanctuary” where he could retreat after work.

Location: Pimlico, London

Status: Completed

Type: Private residential

Completion date: 2014

The original flat, despite being in a relatively modern complex, had faux victorian moulding and traditional decoration. A centrally located concrete core was fragmenting the space creating a series of rooms with an overload of circulation corridors and doors.

This project exemplifies the power that sensitive interior architectural design can have in a flat when no structural or wall alterations are made. The strict freeholders requirements disapproved of any structural demolition and therefore the challenge was to achieve the desired transformation through materiality.

The redundant decoration was replaced with contemporary detailing of flush skirtings and architraves. The doors were extended to the ceiling and the original concrete core was cladded into a timber box hiding all the auxiliary uses (utility room, services room, cloakroom).

The “concept material” of choice – a light coloured Douglas fir timber, was used throughout the flat – in the wall cladding, timber flooring and fitted furniture. This intervention formed a coherent and harmonious language and radiated a calm yet strong presence.

This project was designed and completed by Maro Kallimani for Hogarth Architects.

Photography by Emanuelis Stasaitis.