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This project is the replacement of an end of terrace property with a new built four storey residence, including a new basement. The original victorian property was poorly constructed and had never undergone any kind of proper refurbishment. The solution of a full demolition with the prospect of enlarging the square footage and creating a contemporary layout for a growing family, was our clients desire since the beginning.

Location: Fulham, London

Status: Completed

Type: New built private residential

Completion date: 2018

The biggest challenge of the scheme was the spacial arrangement of a five bedroom house with generous living areas in an ultra thin corner plot. The original volume was extended with the addition of a full basement, a rear ground floor extension and a mansard roof extension.

The circulation spaces had to be compact and act as the connecting elements of all levels. The stairwell became the key feature of the house which transmits and reflects the light. A rooflight at top level copying its outline is the source of natural light flooding the middle of the house.

The materiality is deliberately kept pure. The staircase is manufactured by laser cut metal elements composing its thin structure and emphasising on the lightweight volume. The steps are softened by white washed ash planks. The colour used throughout, inside and outside, is pure white. This is complimented by ash timber flooring in the levels above ground and poured concrete flooring at basement level. Ash cladding is used strategically throughout the house, whereas a concrete plaster finish becomes the dark background of the white monolithic stair.

The house bacame the blanc canvas for the new beginning of this family that welcomed their two new members in the house.

This project was designed and completed by Maro Kallimani for Hogarth Architects.

Photography by Maro Kallimani.